Lymphedema Garments

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Custom Hip Hugger

For the patient with thigh swelling extending up into the hip or with heavy thigh lobules that need lifting, the Hip Hugger may be the perfect answer. It extends from just below the knee to the waist and is held in position by the unpadded Nylon/Spandex wrap-around abdominal stabilizer, which wraps around the hip and is secured in front with Velcro®. This garment can be modified to accommodate both legs, if an open crotch is required, the Custom Hip Hugger is a good option. Hip Huggers are usually worn in combination with JoViPak lower leg garments and full length Nylon/Spandex JoViJackets. The unpadded cuff on the lower end of the Hip Hugger fits inside the lower leg garment.


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  • Thigh


  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Royal Blue