Lymphedema Garments

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Custom Vest

The Vest is a versatile garment that addresses chest wall edema and fibrosis common to Lumpectomy and Mastectomy patients. The Vest has adjustable shoulder straps and is made of Cotton/Lycra (recommended) for comfort, allowing for chest expansion during normal respiration. The Velcro® midline closure separates at the waistline to eliminate buckling. A Nylon/Spandex JoViJacket for the Vest is recommended for optimal therapeutic benefit. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and wide adjustable Velcro® opening, so garment can be tightened down to patient's comfort level. Vests can be ordered for both Mastectomy and Lumpectomy patients. Select Unilateral or Bilateral channeling to facilitate proper lymph drainage as appropriate to the patient. For patients in warm climates, vests may be ordered in Slimline, stitched with smaller channels and less foam. The Vest can extend to the illiac crest if the patient has a natural waistline (smaller circumference at the waist than the hip). If the patient has no break in the natural waist (larger waist circumference than the rib circumference), it is recommended that the Vest extend only to the lowest rib otherwise a crotch strap is necessary to keep the garment from rolling up.


  • Men
  • Women


  • Vest


  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Royal Blue

Compression Level

  • 20-90+ mmHg