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Once you have a wound, there is often risk of wound recurrence. This is especially true in the case of venous ulcerations and wounds complicated by edema. Learn more about how to reduce recurrence risk of wounds and venous ulcers below.

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious healthcare problem that affects over 250,000 patients in the US each year.

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Preventing Recurrence

Once a wound is healed, there is risk of recurrence in some cases, depending on the etiology of the wound, the patient’s medical conditions and the wound location. We learned in the REDUCE section how reducing swelling can help improve wound healing and reduce infection risk.


Likewise, in the case of wounds with edema, there is increased recurrence risk. If you have swelling to a skin area and develop a nick or break in the skin, it is less likely to reseal off and this fluid can drain from the wound bed. If the wound is draining and wet, this will increase risk of maceration of the skin around the wound. The fluid draining from the wound also has micronutrients that increases bacterial growth, increasing bacterial colonization counts and risk of infection. 

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In the case of Chronic Venous Disease, venous hypertension in the veins leads to a series of events that can cause venous ulcerations. Use of compression to reduce venous reflux is very important to help reduce risk of recurrence of venous ulcerations and is a mainstay of management.  Compression is a proven and effective management for venous ulcers that has Cochrane Level I evidence1. Cochrane reviews look at clinical evidence behind a management, and Level I is the highest clinical evidence, based upon review of multiple randomized controlled trials. 

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