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We believe in providing you with the solutions you need to help manage lymphedema and venous disorders. We already offer a number of compression garments with a proven track record of helping manage these conditions, but we are always looking for new ways to help patients. JOBST Lab offers a solution, helping provide new products to manage lymphatic and venous conditions.

Venous disorders are common, just like high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, and should be taken seriously.
  • SoftFit

    JOBST® SoftFit

    A revolutionary new technology to prevent garment slippage by incorporating silicon threads into the garment itself. Results in true gradient compression.

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  • Sensitive

    JOBST® Sensitive

    Compression stockings with Sensitive technology have a moisture-wicking silicone band, creating a soft grip on the skin, resulting in higher comfort.

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  • FarrowWrap®

    A revolutionary compression garment with easy to adjust short-stretch bands, providing less compression when at rest and more when active. 

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  • Elvarex® Plus

    JOBST's proprietary 3D-knit seamless compression garment with three-dimensional shape to better reproduce exact body shape contour and wear like a second skin.

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  • Elvarex® Soft Seamless

    The world's first custom-made seamless flat-knit compression garment, providing consistent and comfortable compression.

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  • Advanced Comfort

    Advanced Comfort

    JOBST compression garments are designed with moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your skin cool and dry.

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  • dri-release


    Technology that helps you remain comfortable while active. Specialized yarns help you stay dry as you wear your compression garment.

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  • jovipak


    Quality night-time garments with Continuous Flow Channeling to help facilitate the flow of lymph fluid for managing mild to severe edema.

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  • jobst relax

    JOBST® Relax

    A revolutionary compression garment providing containment, comfort and style while sleeping and relaxing.

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