Advanced Comfort

JOBST® Advanced Comfort fabric uses moisture-wicking material to keep patients comfortable.

JOBST manufactures the best compression garments in the world, but these garments are only effective as long as the patient is willing to wear them regularly. To help maintain comfort and ensure user compliance, JOBST uses its Advanced Comfort technology.

More than 80 million Americans are living with vein disease.

How Advanced Comfort Works

JOBST’s Advanced Comfort fabric is available for a variety of JOBST compression garments for both arms and legs. Advanced Comfort uses a blend of yarns and other materials with a unique finish. The result is a moisture-wicking stocking that helps eliminate sweat, reducing your risk for rash and infection while keeping you comfortable.

Find Your Advanced Comfort

To learn which JOBST products offer Advanced Comfort, visit our online catalog and browse through our available compression garments.