Keep your skin cool and dry while wearing JOBST® ActiveWear thanks to Dri-release technology.

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Manufactured by Optimer, Dri-release® is a fiber used in several JOBST products with a proven record of having a drying and cooling effect for compression stocking users. Dri-release offers moisture-wicking, odor control and a fast-drying properties to our fabrics that will hold up to repeated use.

All this adds up to a fabric that will not only offer comfort for the user, but will stand the test of time.

Deep Vein Thrombosis kills more people every year than AIDS, breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined.

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Learn More About Dri-release

To find out more about how Dri-release helps your JOBST compression garment perform better, contact JOBST and speak to a member of our team. Dri-release® is a registered trademark of Optimer Performance Fibers Inc.