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If you need gradient compression and use compression garments, you know how helpful it can be. But for many patients, wearing compression garments can sometimes feel uncomfortable. This leads patients to either not wear their compression garments as directed, or to stop entirely. JOBST Sensitive focuses on improving patient comfort and compliance.

More than 80 million Americans are living with vein disease.



JOBST Sensitive Silicone Band – The Stylish “Stay Put, Stay Dry” Solution

Silicone coatings on the inner bands of thigh highs help keep the stockings securely in place. While helpful, these coatings may also allow little breathability, causing discomfort or irritation, and can leave undesirable imprints or red marks on the skin. These effects can impact the wearer’s comfort and willingness to comply consistently with prescribed wear.

With the lowest silicone coverage on the market (1) JOBST. Sensitive absorbs moisture underneath the welt twice as fast. This, in combination with a good evaporation rate, helps the patient feel more comfortable, and be more compliant.

Effective Gradient Compression

Gradient pressure works by providing the most compression at the ankle, where it’s needed, and is lessened as it moves up the leg, to provide proper blood flow.

Increased Comfort

Interwoven, evenly dispersed silicone yarns in the inside of the top band help keep stockings in place. This improves moisture absorbency ability and rate, so your patients and customers can focus on enjoying the freedom that comes with improved health.

1. Internal wear trial. Data on file.

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To find out how Sensitive Technology can help you be more compliant with your compression therapy, please contact JOBST.