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Find more comfort in managing chronic venous and lymphatic disorders with new patent pending JOBST SoftFit technology.

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If you need gradient compression and use compression garments, you know how helpful it can be. For patients unaccustomed to the sensation of compression and unfamiliar with its restorative benefits, wearing compression garments can sometimes feel uncomfortable. This leads patients to either not wear their compression garments as directed, or to stop entirely. JOBST® SoftFit focuses on improving patient comfort and compliance.

More than 80 million Americans are living with vein disease.



A Unique Innovation in CVD Management

As the pioneer and founder of gradient compression, JOBST® continually strives to provide medically effective compression therapy products, without compromising on comfort or style. Now, SoftFit technology sets a new standard in compression hosiery, combining increased comfort and effective Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) management.

A Gripping New Idea

Traditionally, compression stockings have used a slightly higher pressure at the top band to keep them in place above the calf. As all legs are not shaped the same, this can result in different levels of tension in the top band among wearers, resulting in some wearing experiences being better than others. Now, with the unique patent-pending SoftFit technology by JOBST®, it is now possible to achieve both effective CVD treatment and a comfortable wearing experience at the same time. 

An Innovation That is Here to “Stay”

Effective Gradient Compression
Gradient pressure works by providing the most compression at the ankle, where it’s needed, and is lessened as it moves up the leg, to counteract the effects of gravity making fluid pool in the legs. With SoftFit technology, less pressure is needed at the knee to support the natural venous return from the ankle, back to the heart.

Increased Comfort
Softly-adhering silicone yarns in the inside of the top band help keep stockings in place, comfortably, so patients and customers can focus on enjoying the freedom that comes with improved health.

Stays in Place without constrictingWear-Test Results

We asked a group of people to wear knee-high stockings with SoftFit technology and here is how they responded:

Demonstrated Increased Compliance
97% of respondents wore their compression more than 6 hours of a day, 41% MORE than the other tested knee high stockings.

Softfit Staying Power
The SoftFit knee high showed a 171% increase in the “very good” rating versus the other knee high for the attribute of not “sliding down.”

SoftFit Soothes
75% of respondents experience NO constriction from the top band, a 26% improvement over the previously tested knee high stockings.

SoftFit Favorably Impacts Overall Patient Well-being
86% stated improvement in their symptoms, and 80% experienced an improvement in their quality of life.


Learn More About SoftFit

To find out how SoftFit can help you be more compliant with your compression therapy, please contact JOBST.