Quality night-time garments with Continuous Flow Channeling to help facilitate the flow of lymph fluid.

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JoViPak® garments, founded by renown lymphedema therapist, educator and cancer survivor, JoAnn Rovig, are used in the management of edema, lymphedema and are complimentary devices used in wound care, post-surgical procedures and sports therapy for edema. 

Around 35% of breast cancer survivors will develop lymphedema.



Continuous Flow Channeling

Jovi products utilize four different densities of chipped foam to apply gentle pressure to the tissue, creating regional channeling of high and low pressure areas. This effectively helps push edema and lymph fluid into areas of least resistance along the channels and toward functioning lymphatic drainage areas of the body, a technology JoviPak® calls Continuous Flow Channeling.  

JoviPak® products utilize medical grade chipped foam in a two blend (softest two densities) or four blend of different foam densities. This foam is able to settle into the tissues and move as the body and muscles move, and is believed to create a micro-massaging effect.  While few clinical trials have been done to prove efficacy of chipped foam garments, many lymphedema therapists believe this type of garment can help reduce stubborn lymphedema over time through compliant use, and may help break up fibrotic skin areas to keep the underlying skin soft and supple. The proposed pathophysiology is not unlike that studied in burn patients.  Studies on burn patients have shown how fibrosis from excess collagen can occur after tissue injury and inflammation, and how slow and prolonged stress on these fibers can help elongate and soften the collagen, allowing for a softening of the fibrotic tissue and improved evacuation of fluid from the congested area. Chipped foam garments and compression may work in a similar way to help break up fibrotic areas.

Chipped foam garment use by lymphedema therapists is growing throughout the U.S., both because patients and therapists find it easier and quicker than traditional bandaging, and also because many therapists feel their patients are seeing true and lasting improved quality of life through this technology.

  • JoViPak® Rehab:  Addresses swelling around a joint, and in many cases is a complete system of support and compression in one garment.  Although recommended for night wear, it can provide 24 hour comfort with an easily adjustable alternative to bandaging. 
  • JoViPak® Wound Care: Designed to facilitate easy wound access and provide a management system which supports vascular health around the clock.
  • JoViPak® Transition Garments: A chipped foam garment utilizing our proprietary Continuous Flow Channeling. Transition garments may be used during the reduction phase in lymphedema management and /or transition to the maintenance phase garment under short-stretch bandaging, pumps, or FarrowWraps®. Made of organic cotton / Lycra®.
  • JoviPak® Lymphedema Garments: The patient –friendly alternative to lymphedema self-bandaging.  Options for Day or Night time uses.
  • JoViPak® Pads: Help restore tissue integrity with chipped foam pads.
  • JoViPak® Head & Neck: Garments designed to address edema of the head, neck, and face.
  • Bellisse® Bra: The surgeons’ choice for post-operative lymphedema

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Interested in learning more about the individual JoViPak® products offered? Browse our Product Catalog to find the vast assortment of items available that use Continuous Flow Channeling.

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