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Tips to help optimize the life, look and comfort of your gradient compression garments.

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Wearing your compression garments daily is the best way to ensure positive outcomes. It’s essential that you take special care so your garment can have a longer life span and continue to help manage lymphatic and venous conditions.

Taking proper care of your compression garment can help them last longer and patients maintain compliance.

Tips for Compression Users

The goal of compression therapy is to encourage fluid flow in your circulatory and lymphatic system. Because of that, you will likely notice a squeezing sensation in your arms or legs when you’re wearing your compression garment. To get used to this, JOBST recommends easing into your compression therapy. Start by wearing your stocking a few hours each day, until you’re comfortable, and then wear them for longer periods of time. Other things to remember:

  • Remember to check your stockings periodically to avoid wrinkles
  • Remove your compression stockings before going to bed each night
  • Don your compression stockings when you get up before swelling can start
  • Wearing your compression garment each day is the most effective way to continue your therapy
  • Failing to wear your compression stockings may result in your condition becoming more severe

Caring for Your Compression Garment

You will need to wash your compression garments to help prevent the buildup of bacteria. There are several things to keep in mind when cleaning your JOBST compression stockings.

  • You can wash your garment by hand or use a washing machine
  • Placing your garment in a mesh laundry bag helps protect them during wash cycles
  • Use warm water, a mild soap or detergent or Jolastic® Washing Solution
  • Do not use chlorine bleach to clean your stocking
  • Do not use fabric softeners

Thigh-High Style Compression

For best results, JOBST Thigh-High stockings featuring silicone bands should be turned inside out before washing. Before the main wash, you may wish to hand wash the stocking’s silicone band, focusing on removing any lotion, powder or other foreign materials.

Replacing Your Compression Garment

While JOBST stockings are the #1 physician-recommended compression stockings in the USA, the materials will start to break down after repeated use for an extended period of time. Your garment will last longer if it is properly cared for, but stockings and sleeves will need to be replaced between every three and six months, depending on how often you wear the garment. Custom garments should be replaced every six months for optimal therapeutic benefits.

Get Your Wear & Care Questions Answered

Whether you have a question about caring for your JOBST compression garment, or you’re in need of a replacement, you can contact JOBST to get all your questions answered.