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NASA Orion

Essity awarded contract by NASA to Develop Next-Generation Compression Garment for Orion Missions

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 10, 2018 – Essity announced today that it has been awarded a contract by NASA to design the next-generation JOBST® compression orthostatic intolerance garment (OIG) for potential use on future Orion human deep-space missions.

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Therapeutic Solution

Compression Therapy Solutions For Your Every Need

The JOBST brand was founded by mechanical engineer, Conrad Jobst, who suffered from painful and debilitating Chronic Venous Insufficiency. His brilliance, creativity and perseverance helped launch what is recognized as the most trusted and physician referred compression therapy brand in the USA. JOBST has the product answer for tired legs, varicose veins, venous ulcers, lymphedema and everything in between.

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Product Innovation

As an industry leader in providing effective Compression Therapy to our customers, the JOBST brand Research and Development teams are constantly working on new technologies to improve management of venous and lymphatic disorders. Check out the JOBST Lab.

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Products to Fit Your Life

JOBST compression garments are available in many sizes, styles, colors and compression levels and are designed to be worn every day.

  • Ready-to-Wear Legwear

    Available in multiple compression levels, JOBST ready-to-wear leg garments provide relief from symptoms as soon as you begin wearing them.

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  • Lymphedema Garments

    Find effective ways to manage lymphedema and improve fluid flow using compression garments for your arms, legs, head, neck, feet and chest.

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  • Wraps

    JOBST offers wraps that not only provide the compression patients need, but offer more support and can help prevent injuries to the arms and legs.

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  • Compression Bandages

    Compression bandages offer several benefits, including extra padding, enhanced compression and protection from skin irritation and infection.

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