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Compression Is the Key to Managing Your Condition

Venous diseases affect about every third to fourth adult person worldwide. Their frequency increases with age. Standing or sitting professions, pregnancy, being overweight, but also genetic factors can all impair the normal function of your veins and vein valves. Regardless of the underlying condition, compression therapy is the key element of treating venous diseases. 
JOBST® offers a wide range of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear garments, compression bandages, and adjustable compression devices (also called compression wraps) for various venous diseases.
In the following sections, we summarize the most important information for a better understanding of the venous system and how venous diseases develop.

What Are Venous Diseases and What Causes Them?

There are various types of venous diseases, such as heavy legs, spider veins, varicose veins, and venous edema. Untreated venous diseases can result in leg ulcers - these are non-healing sores or open wounds that mainly occur around the ankle. Swelling of the leg can also be caused by deep vein thrombosis - a serious condition in which the formation of a blood clot blocks blood flow. 
The veins in your legs need to transport the blood back to the heart: With every step, the muscle pump in your leg squeezes the deep veins in your calves. The vein valves support the transport of blood from one venous segment to the next. Venous insufficiency means that the vein valves don’t work properly. Instead of transporting the blood back to the heart, the blood pools in the veins of your calves. This, in turn, can cause venous diseases.
You can find more information about the anatomy of the venous system, plus the causes and symptoms of venous diseases here. 

How JOBST Compression Products Make a Difference

Venous diseases have many facets, and affect people with different lifestyles, habits, and activity levels. We develop our products based on insights into the needs of people with venous diseases. This way, our innovations support your individual needs and lifestyle. To learn more about why JOBST compression stockings, bandages, and adjustable compression devices (also called compression wraps) are a great choice to manage your disease, explore your specific diagnosis here.

The Right Product for Your Needs

For Everyday Use

Compression Products for Everyday Use

JOBST compression stockings for everyday use combine gradient compression and comfort. We offer all-round products for men and women which are suitable for all-day wearing, as well as product lines for special everyday needs with fashionable patterns or for sensitive skin.

For Situational Use

Compression Products for Situational Use

We design our compression stockings for various situations. Are you looking for compression stockings that support you while exercising? Or do you want to prevent heavy legs during long-distance travel? Then JOBST compression stockings for situational use are the right choice.

For Medical Use

Compression Products for Medical Use

Our JOBST compression stockings, bandages and adjustable compression devices (also called compression wraps) support the treatment of various venous diseases, such as venous leg ulcers, or the prevention of thrombosis.

JOBST Maternity Opaque supports your veins during pregnancy: these compression stockings are especially designed to make your legs feel lighter. Our JOBST Maternity supporting products provide relief for your belly and back, and improve your quality of life during and after pregnancy.

JOBST Donning Aids and Accessories

Putting on your garments and taking them off can be difficult depending on the compression class you wear or if you have to cope with joint problems or limited mobility. Donning aids and other accessories are designed for easier application of JOBST garments.

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