Gradient Compression

Gradient compression can help control swelling associated with lymphedema and venous disorders.

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What is Gradient Compression?

JOBST® uses gradient compression in the garments we manufacture. Gradient compression has the greatest pressure at their base, and reduces pressure as the compression garment goes up the arm or leg. This helps encourage the movement of fluids, whether its blood circulation or lymph fluid circulation. The gentle pressure helps blood vessels and lymph vessels absorb fluids more easily, providing relief for tissues and reducing swelling.

Why Use Gradient Compression?

Gradient compression is one of the most effective ways to manage the swelling caused by lymphedema and venous disorders. JOBST compression garments help relieve pain and reduce swelling by preventing accumulation of swelling and helping counteract the tendency of the body to swell.

Stopping fluid build up also helps reduce your risk of infection and helps encourage fluid flow back to your heart. Gradient compression not only helps relieve symptoms, but can also help reduce risk of further complications.

Find Your Compression Garment

JOBST is here to help you find the right compression garment to manage lymphedema or venous disorders. Check out our online catalog to view the garments we have available and use the JOBST Product Selection Tool to find the right size for your needs.