Lymphedema 101

Learn how lymphedema impacts the body’s lymphatic system and what therapy solutions are available.

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Lymphedema impacts millions of people in the United States and occurs when your body cannot effectively transport lymph fluid. When transport is stopped and lymph fluid cannot drain properly, it causes swelling in that area of the body where drainage is blocked. Lymphedema has no known cure, but its symptoms can be managed.

JOBST® is here to educate you more about lymphedema because we believe it’s important for you to know as much as possible about the condition so that your symptoms can be managed effectively.

Around 42% of breast cancer survivors will develop lymphedema.


  • Lymphedema Anatomy & Physiology

    Learn more about how lymphedema impacts the body, including how your lymph system works and how lymphedema develops.

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  • What is Lymphedema

    Lymphedema is accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the tissue spaces, which causes chronic swelling. Learn about different causes of lymphedema.

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  • Stages of Lymphedema

    Lymphedema has multiple stages that range in severity. Learn more about each of these stages and what to expect if you have lymphedema.

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