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JOBST® manufactures a variety of compression garments to help manage lymphedema and venous disorders.

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Lymphedema and venous disorders affect millions of people in different ways, but JOBST is here to help. JOBST helps manage symptoms with gradient compression that reduces swelling, improves fluid flow and produces positive patient outcomes with more success than any other brand.

Gradient compression garments are among the most effective ways to manage lymphedema long-term.
  • Dealer Locator

    Find a dealer near you that can help you find the right JOBST compression garment to help manage your lymphatic or venous condition.

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  • Product Selection Tool

    Through a series of questions, JOBST can help you find the right compression legwear to fit your specific needs for managing lymphedema and CVI.

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  • Online Catalog

    Browse through the full selection of JOBST compression products, including lymphedema garments, ready-to-wear legwear and compression bandages.

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  • Wear & Care

    Learn the proper care and receive tips to help maintain and extend the life of various compression garments to aid your therapy.

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