JOBST® Confidence: The New Panty Design

Crazy about Comfort?

Introducing Our New Panty Design

The new JOBST Confidence panty styles feature an innovative design that better follows the natural shape of your body for more comfort. The secret of the JOBST Confidence panty is its ergonomic seam placement that is designed to reduce discomfort and restriction.

Unique Fit for Unique Bodies

For the first time ever, JOBST Confidence is able to provide a compression garment for unique body shapes, no matter if you are treated for lymphedema or lipedema*.
Its dedicated knitting pattern is suitable for both conditions. Together with the innovative ContourFit technique, we created a garment with an even better personalized fit.


*without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions

Choose Your Favorite Color

JOBST Confidence is offered in six different colors. From elegant black (Black), to refreshing red (Red Heather), up to neutral beige (Beige). Which one do you choose?

Discover Our Additional Comfort and Design Features

The JOBST Confidence panty design also offers additional comfort and design features, such as the comfort waist band or the fly for men option. With these features, we provide even more personalized compression garments that meet your specific needs.

The Key to Individualized Comfort: Contour Fit

Unlike traditional flat-knit technology, Contour Fit works by adapting the fit of the garment at four positions on the limb (instead of one) to create a garment that truly contours the unique form of your body. This results in special Contour Points that show where the garment has been individually tailored. For more information about Contour Fit, click here.

Watch Ricarda's Lipedema Story

Everybody's lymphedema or lipedema journey is different. Find out which role the right compression garment plays in Ricarda's life.

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