JOBST® Elvarex® Plus

Compression for a second-skin feeling

For long-term comfort and well-being with lymphedema, it’s important to find a garment that performs well in various situations and compliments your lifestyle. JOBST Elvarex® Plus are seamless 3D-knitted  compression garments that are anatomically adapted to your body.

A recent clinical study on JOBST Elvarex® Plus found that seamless 3D-knitted compression garments that are anatomically adapted helped to improve patient‘s reported lymphedema symptoms: Patients reported a high level of satisfaction with the garment and also that it supported a better quality of life1:

80% of patients were more satisfied with the wearing comfort of JOBST Elvarex® Plus garments compared to their previous seamed garments.

Pressure marks between fingers, cuffs and toes were significantly less frequent when wearing JOBST Elvarex® Plus.

Patients were asked to reveal the impact of compression garments on their everyday activities. The results showed that they were significantly less limited in their daily activities such as eating, using a mobile phone or dressing and undressing when wearing JOBST Elvarex® Plus garments.

3D knitting technology for a finer sense of comfort 

JOBST Elvarex® Plus garments are constructed using an innovative combination of both 3D knitting and seamless flat-knit technologies: The garment fits more like a second-skin and allows for an increased range of movement without chafing or creating pressure marks. It also provides a better anatomical fit in sensitive areas, like between the toes.

Because a properly fitting garment is essential for wearing comfort and effectiveness!

JOBST Elvarex® Plus

  • Seamless: Reduced risk of pressure marks and greater mobility in day-to-day activities
  • 3D Technology: Unique 3D knitting technology for a “second-skin” feeling
  • Ergonomic shape: Reproduces contours for a better anatomical fit
  • Open loop knitting: Structure promotes high degree of air permeability

JOBST Elvarex® Plus
Assortment to match other Elvarex® products

ruby red** not available for toe caps / dark blue / caramel* / black / cranberry / macchiato* / dark brown

* not available for toe caps
** not available for glove

AC1*** AE with and without bias end***, Toe cap, Toe cap

*** available with and without fingers

Compression classes

Upper Limb

CCL 1 15 - 21 mmHg

CCL 2 23 - 32 mmHg

Lower Limb

CCL 1 18 - 21 mmHg

CCL 2 23 - 32 mmHg

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