JOBST® Confidence

Taking Back Your Confidence with Compression

Living with lymphedema may seem overwhelming at first. It means having to adapt your daily routine to suit new and sometimes complex needs, which can be difficult to accept at times.

Although it’s a chronic condition with no cure at this time, there are various solutions available, such as compression garments, that can support you to confidently live life the way you want to while managing your lymphedema symptoms.

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Introducing a New Era of Comfort

JOBST® Confidence helps your patients feel unrestricted, with a one-of-a-kind fit garment that’s as unique as they are. The new generation of flat-knit technology used in JOBST® Confidence allows for a precise fit to the real anatomical body shapes. This personally refined fit not only provides comfort, but also supports your patients with a greater degree of movement.

The new Contour Fit technology

JOBST® Confidence has been expertly developed with a new knitting technology that, unlike traditional flat knit, allows the fit of the garment to adapt in more positions. This supports a true personalization of garment fit. Specially designed knitting machines were created for the JOBST® Confidence line to deliver contour fit.

JOBST Confidence is Designed to:

  • Provide More Comfort
  • Support Easy Donning
  • Be More Skin-Friendly
  • Deliver Improved Climate Control
  • Offer a Range of Colors and Design Options
  • Provide Better Movement

Design Options

Contour Fit

Easy Donning

Moisture Wicking

Soft & Firm

Latex Free

Next-generation technology

Unique Moisture Wicking Yarns for breathability and eliminates heat build-up

Only JOBST® Confidence utilizes a high-performance double-layer fabric to wick away moisture from the skin and towards the garment's outer layer. This is designed to keep the skin dry and leave patients feeling comfortable all day long.


Softer yarns to support a comfortable feeling

JOBST® Confi dence is created with supple yarns that have been used with a double-layered knitting construction. This provides the flexibility your patients want when wearing compression.

Firm support that adapts to each individual

The innovation in JOBST® Confidence garments means that for the fi rst time ever, the properties of the yarn adapt to the real size of any patient. This always

delivers the optimal compression level according to the RAL standard. The RAL standard is used as a basic requirement for certifying medical compression stockings and guarantees the highest quality by an independent group.

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Tips & Tricks to support your self-care!

Set Goals for Yourself!

Work with your health care provider to set yourself achievable goals. These can be reviewed after a short time to avoid getting stuck in habits that don’t

work for you. This should prevent you from becoming overwhelmed in your selfcare plan.

Give Yourself a Massage!

You can help to decongest your skin tissue with light, repetitive skin-stretching movements. It’s easy to do and you can get it done while relaxing in front of the television or taking a shower. Ask your health care provider to demonstrate the right technique to ensure a safe and correct massage.

Move that Lymph!

Exercise is essential to maximize lymph drainage. It helps your muscles pump more efficiently and increase the flow of lymph fluid out of swollen areas. Try Nordic walking, swimming, yoga and aqua-gym.

Pamper your skin!

Keeping your skin properly hydrated and crack-free is essential in preventing infections such as cellulitis. Avoid taking very hot showers and moisturize twice daily with an emollient based product.* This will help to maintain natural oils in the skin and keep it hydrated.

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