JOBST® FarrowWrap® Liners

JOBST FarrowWrap® Liners

JOBST FarrowWrap Liners are a part of the short-stretch adjustable VELCRO wrap system

that makes it easier for you to self-manage your edema and adjust the level of limb compression independently – especially useful for fluctuating edema.

JOBST FarrowWrap Liners are recommended for all upper and lower extremity FarrowWrap® pieces, except ready-to-wear arm pieces.  


The function and benefits of liners

JOBST FarrowWrap Liners provide a smooth, protective base upon which to secure the elastic wraps.  This makes it easier to position and apply the wraps, while also protecting your skin.  Though the wrap pieces aren’t suitable for regular washing because of their material and the Velcro fasteners, the liners can be washed daily.  This means you can wear fresh liners every day, ensuring you keep up with your compression therapy regimen.


3 types of FarrowWrap® liners

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